Shield Your Eyes


SportsEyeWear is a great company who sell many different ranges of stylish sunglasses including Maui Jim, Ray Ban and Red Bull Racing. Maui Jim is an amazing brand who provides high quality sunglasses, they also offer many prescription sunglasses and most of their sunglasses are also available as prescription. All of the sunglasses are of genuine brand authenticity and will help to protect your eyes from any harsh glares and harmful rays.


sailing sunglassesOne pair of their sunglasses would be the Keanae prescription. These sunglasses are available in three different colours, which are black with grey tortoise, olive tortoise and red with black tortoise. The lenses can be made of polycarbonate or Maui evolution 1.60; the Maui evolution would cost you an extra £70. There is a selection of lens tints and coatings available these include Maui Rose, Maui HT, HCL bronze and neutral grey. They are made with polarised plus 2 lens technology and Maui passport prescription lenses. They provide fantastic protection and colour enhancement. With these sunglasses you will get clear vision across the whole of each lens, without any distortion. They offer a wide field of vision and optical perfection.


Another pair would be Koki Beach Prescription. These sunglasses are available in black with grey tortoise, olive tortoise and purple tortoise. These sunglasses offer a wide field of view that is completely distortion free, as well as excellent protection. The lens material available for these sunglasses would be Maui Jim 1.60. There’s a choice of four different lens tints and coatings, these are neutral grey, and Maui Rose, Maui HT and HCL bronze. These lenses will leave you with optical perfection and fantastic colour enhancement, due to being such high quality sunglasses that you’re sure to love.


All of the sunglasses in this brand are of such a high quality and are an outstanding value for money. These sunglasses are a comfortable fit when worn and are very comfortable. They are also long lasting; this is what I have read in many different reviews. One review said that these glasses have been being used for over 8 years and are still an amazing quality pair of sunglasses, they are light and a great fit, they look great and they protect their eyes really well from sunlight. Another review said they the pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that they bought are the best pair of sunglasses they have ever bought.


6 Everyday Diets That You Don’t Know Are Extremely Effective Towards Fat Loss

It’s a common perception for the weight loss diet plans to be boring, desperately missing the taste. In a way, it would nothing wrong to claim that we have accepted most of our regular diets to be flawed from weight loss point of views.

However, if you have taken the above as a fact and quite depressed about it, then don’t be. There are still some very regular diets those are too effective in terms burning your extra fat. And more importantly, you love their tastes. Here the line-up has been provided that will bring back the smile on your face.


Coffee is one of the most favourite drinks for millions on this earth. It energises you on your work place, and at the same time, you miss one mug of it while enjoying a quality morning/evening. Good news is that your favourite coffee is as endearing about its taste as it is against the weight gain.

Technically, it has the caffeine contain that checks your appetite in comparison with the cell growth. Coffee is considered one of the most recommended names for people those work-out for weight loss. On this context, it is suggested to list a couple of cups of the coffees within your daily diet plan.

Vegetable juice/soup

Perhaps if there is something that the ardent non-vegetarian food lovers admire about vegan taste, then it would be the vegetable juice. A glass of it in the morning is always very good for the health. However, a few know that including a glass of it with your primary diet (lunch/dinner) can work significantly against the extra calories.

The same effect the vegetable soups also do have towards the extra fats upon taking one cup prior enjoying the primary diet.


Here we come up with the most surprising names in the line-up. Mushroom plays the prime character in various extremely celebrated dishes over the globe. Despite being one of the ingredients that are picked for mostly preparing the recipes aiming at wow your tongue, the mushroom is characteristically known for absorbing the extra fat contents of its accompanying ingredients. To take the full out of this, it is recommended to go with less oil and spice while preparation.


Egg being rich in protein is obvious to help to build your muscle and cutting down the extra inches. This is considered one of the most recommended names for breakfasts. However, it is recommended to go with the boiled eggs rather than fried ones or omelettes for a better result.

Green tea

One of the much-loved drinks Green Tea is also considered quite significant against fats. In fact, it is recommended for those who are in a hunt for something that can churn out the out the result in the quickest while. The best part is that you can take these any time as per your convenience.


Almond is a pretty household name that is too prolific about weight loss as well. The incredible part here is to mention that this is effective equivalently whether you prepare it or not. You can roast it, prepare it with mild salt and eat for the best result against extra kilos. If cooking in any way is annoying for you, then simply chewing about thirty grams of the almonds in a week can also offer you the similar outcome.